🌟 Innovation and Quality at the Heart of Gymnastics Forza

At the heart of Italy, where design meets a passion for sports, Gymnastics Forza emerges. Our mission is to create unique gymnastics equipment, distinguished by unmatched quality. We select the most premium materials, those also used in climbing, to ensure maximum safety and durability.

🔍 Premium Materials for Superior Performance

Each component of our harnesses is meticulously chosen for its resilience and premium safety features. Designed specifically for gymnastics, our equipment's comfort and fluidity in movement, especially during transitions to vertical positions, set it apart. The lateral hook follows the movement smoothly, ensuring comfort and allowing natural movement without any discomfort.

🇮🇹 Italian Craftsmanship for Unparalleled Safety

Italy is renowned for its high-level factories and design. Given the critical need for safety in our equipment, we go above and beyond. Our premium materials are tested under loads ten times greater than what they would normally sustain in standard gymnastics training, ensuring an extraordinary level of safety.

🤸 Harnessing Excellence with Unique Features

Our harness is not just about comfort and innovative design; it's specifically crafted to enhance gymnastics training. It features three strategically placed hooks, two in the front and one in the back, for attaching weights, enabling athletes to increase resistance during their workouts. This unique setup supports progressive overload training, pushing athletes to new heights of performance. Beyond the hooks for weights, the harness's design—including its sinuous movement and the comfort of its padded leg straps—ensures it moves with the athlete, providing support and enhancing performance without intrusion.

🔗 Ropes and Carabiners: The Link to Durability

Constructed from high-strength nylon core and reinforced polyester, our ropes and carabiners balance softness with strong binding ability. With a maximum load of 600 kgs and designed for robust, long-lasting quality, they ensure safety and reliability.

⚙️ Pulleys and Adjustable Straps: Precision in Every Setup

Our pulleys and adjustable straps, featuring glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel U groove for 360-degree rotation, offer smooth operation and adaptability. This system is easy to adjust for heights between 220-480cm, allowing for quick setups and takedowns, perfect for gyms, home, and outdoor training.

🏋️ Innovation in Training: Weights Attachment

Unique to our harness is the weights attachment, facilitating progressive overload workouts. This feature, alongside our specialized straps, allows athletes to customize their training intensity.


Forward-Looking: Continuous Innovation

Our commitment doesn't stop here. We are continuously working on creating new, innovative, high-level products that continue to push the boundaries of gymnastics equipment, promising quality, safety, and innovation designed to elevate your gymnastics experience with Gymnastics Forza.