Warranty  📄

We are proud to offer our customers a three-year warranty on all our products 🛡️, emphasizing our trust in the quality and reliability of what we sell. Our products, made in Italy from the finest materials 🇮🇹, have reliably served our customers for years, reinforcing our reputation for excellence.

Exclusion for Elastics 🚫: This warranty does not cover elastic products. Despite using high-quality real latex, elastics naturally wear over time. We strive to offer high-quality elastics, but their lifespan can be impacted by various external factors.

Warranty Coverage 🛠️: Our warranty covers only manufacturing defects. With our thorough inspection process, where each product is meticulously examined 🔍, manufacturing defects are incredibly rare. We proudly claim that 99.9% of our products meet unmatched quality standards, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

Warranty Claim Process 📧: To file a warranty claim, please email us with photos of the product issue, your order number, and specific photos demonstrating the defect. Our team will assess your claim, and if a defect is confirmed, we will replace the damaged part of the tool. Contact us via email, phone number, or WhatsApp, all of which are available through the chat on our website.

Warranty Period ⏳: The warranty lasts for three years, starting from the date of purchase. We provide a ten-day shipping period from the purchase date, ensuring your product is protected from the moment you receive it.

This warranty reflects our dedication to offering products of the highest quality and durability, meticulously made in Italy 🇮🇹 and inspected with the greatest care. We stand by our products, guaranteeing our customers full satisfaction and peace of mind with their purchases.